Protest in Nazareth

In the small village of Taybeh, located in the Nazareth district, dozens of local villagers marched, held signs, and chanted slogans to demand that Israeli authorities end their practice of demolishing Palestinian homes in the village.

The protest took place on Saturday afternoon, following the issuance of yet another demolition order by Israeli authorities against the homes of the Abu Hajjaj family in the village of Taybeh.

Israeli authorities have issued multiple demolition orders against the Palestinian homeowners, who have lived in their homes for many generations. Israeli authorities have a plan to develop certain parts of the township for their own use, so they have issued the demolition orders to force the Palestinian landowners off of their indigenous land.

The protest took place at the entrance to the village. The locals were joined by several Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), Mohammad Baraka, who expressed outrage at the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian homes.

The participants raised a banner demanding an immediate halt to the demolition orders, calling for the international community to intervene to protect the threatened homes.

They also chanted slogans denouncing the policy of racial discrimination against Arab citizens inside of the land of Israel (which was created on Palestinian land in 1948, and which has never declared its borders and has continued to expand and encroach further onto Palestinian land in the decades since).