Israeli settler child being rescued by Palestinians

In Hebron, an area of the West Bank known for being home to the most violent groups of Israeli settler militias, a group of Palestinian teens and young men rushed to the aid of a colonial settler family when their car crashed in a Palestinian area.

A video of the incident shows the car flipped up on its side, and the young men rescuing the wounded children from inside the vehicle. They then provided basic medical care, and called for a Palestinian ambulance to come and assist the family.

This is not the first time that Palestinians have assisted Israeli settlers who have had car accidents while speeding through Palestinian land on their way to armed enclaves constructed on stolen Palestinian land.

Despite the fact that Israeli settlers are attempting to drive Palestinians from their land by creating ‘de facto’ colonies on what had been Palestinian land in an attempt to expand the border of the state of Israel, Palestinians who have seen settlers in distress have come to their assistance in virtually every case.