In a statement, on Monday, settlement watchdog Peace Now, said that the Israeli planning authority advanced the plans for the building of 1,936 new homes in settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestine News Network reported.

A total of 786 housing units received the final approval needed before the building works could start, while 1,150 housing units received phase-one approval of the planning process.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is discussing whether it has jurisdiction ahead of opening a formal investigation into Israeli violation of international law in the Israeli settlements, a move condemned by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who said the ICC has no jurisdiction in the case.

The settlements are located in the West Bank, Palestinian lands which were seized by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war along with the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians hope to build their future state on these lands.

The Palestinians and the majority of the international community condemn the settlements as an obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians and a violation of international law.

Under the Fourth Geneva Convention, it is a war crime for the occupier [Israel] to transfer any part of its population onto the land which it occupies [Palestine].

Image: PNN
Edited for IMEMC: Ali Salam