Protecting Palestinian Children: PMRS Camp Held as Part of Summer Campaign (VIDEO)

07 Aug
9:22 PM

The Palestine Medical Relief society has continued its campaign to protect Palestinian children through different activities, including a summer camp called “I Want to Feel Safe.”

The camp, held in Hizma town north of Jerusalem, opens the horizon for hundreds of youngsters who suffer from apartheid policies, constant closures and military raids, to enjoy their young age in peace and dignity, away from the Israeli military occupation and its ongoing violations.

Closures in Hizma town
Closures in Hizma town

The camp has supported the role of young children in Palestinian society, wherein which they receive courses in civil defense, first aid, and support of their confidence to be stronger and speak up for themselves.

In addition, the camp raised donations which have contributed to sending three aid trucks to Gaza, and in cooperation with international volunteers and associations.

PNN further reports that the camp is part of the “Do Not Kill Our Childhood” campaign which was launched in the beginning of June, with the aim of protecting the rights of Palestinian children.

According to statistics, within the past 16 years, over 2,000 Palestinian children have been killed and 12,000 detained. During the past ten months alone, 51 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli forces.

The numbers keep growing with the now half-century old occupation that continues to engorge land, strangle the hope for peace and politicize innocent children.

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