A group of Israeli settlers assaulted, at dawn on Sunday, a young Palestinian man from Jerusalem, while he was at his place of work in the Ramot settlement, to the west of Jerusalem. The group reportedly tried to stab the man in the neck.

The young man was identified as Mahfouz Karlo Khaio, according to Al Ray. He said that a group of settlers attacked him at his job on Abrham Rikanti street, in Ramot, and severely beat him.

Khaio added that one of the settlers tried to stab him in the neck with a knife, before he managed to escape, and after being lightly injured in his head.

The young man Khaio lives in the Old City of Jerusalem and works in painting and repairing roads in the Ramot settlement. The man pointed out that the settlers were verbally abusing him along with his colleagues, but he didn’t expect the physical abuse, as he put it.

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