Palestinian residents of villages adjacent to Israeli settlements, on Saturday evening, tried to prevent Israeli settlers from storming and attacking their villages, while the Israeli army was watching and providing them with protection.


Settlers from “Kharsina and Kiryat Arba” settlements East of Hebron, threw stones and empty bottles at Palestinian vehicles passing from the 60 bypass road, causing physical damage to the vehicles.

The settlers demonstrated near the roundabout of Gush Etzion and closed part of the road to carry out a protest.


Settlers also renewed attempts to to storm Beitin village, east of Ramallah, protected by the occupation forces, while dozens of residents stood up to them.

The village of Beitin is frequently attacked by settler gangs. Local sources from the village reported that dozens of heavily armed settlers tried to break into the village, but the residents responded with their bare chests and forced them to return.

The village is surrounded by three outposts: Beit El, Givat Asaf and Ofra, located on occupied Palestinian land.

The sources pointed out, according to the PNN, that the attacks of settlers and the occupation forces have been intensified during the past three days, under the siege in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, and the closure of the checkpoint or the so-called “Beit El” checkpoint.

The sources pointed out that the residents of the village formed guard committees that rotate 24 hours a day to protect their village from any possible attack by settler gangs.


The residents of the village of Kafr Qaddoum, east of Qalqilia, on Saturday evening, against settlers who tried to attack the village. According to eyewitnesses, Israeli forces intervened to provide protection to the settlers. They fired live bullets and tear gas canisters at the villagers, causing violent confrontations.


On Saturday evening, settlers attacked civilian vehicles near the entrance to the village of Yasuf, east of Salfit.

The official responsible for the file of settlements in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Daghlas, said that a number of settlers riding motorcycles, followed the vehicles and threw stones and iron bars at the entrance to the village of Yasuf, leading to the city of Salfit.

In a related context, Daghlas reported that the settlers are deployed on the road between Nablus and Tulkarem.

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