The occupation forces arrested 6 Palestinian young men from al-‘Isawiya, on the pretext of “breaking house arrest” imposed on them, Ma’an News reported.

Activist and member of the Follow-up Committee in al-‘Isawiya, Muhammad Abu Al-Homs, explained that the occupation forces stormed al-‘Isawiya, and summoned the young men, who had been sentenced to house arrest, at the entrance to al-‘Isawiya, and arrested them, on the pretext of breaking the order of house arrest.

Abu Al-Homs added that the young men who were arrested were: Anwar Obeid, Fayez Muhammad Mheisen, Nadim Safadi, Adam Kayed Mahmoud, Nidal Froukh and Saleh Abu Assab.

Thursday night, the youths announced their rejection of the nightly house arrest decisions imposed on them, under the British emergency regulations 1945, on the pretext that they participated in “confrontations.”

The young men asserted their right to move freely without restrictions or unjust decisions and laws, by staging a sit-in in the late hours of Thursday, in al-‘Isawiya, in defiance of the occupation orders.

Image: File Photo
Edited for IMEMC: Ali Salam