Israeli soldiers abducted, earlier Wednesday, at least eight Palestinians, and assaulted one, in several parts of the occupied West Bank, after the army broke into many homes and searched them.

In Hebron, in southern West Bank, the soldiers abducted Ribhi Rib’ey and Mohammad Fadel Rib’ey, from their homes in the Tiwani Palestinian village, east of Yatta town, south of Hebron.

The soldiers also interrogated the coordinator of the Protection and Steadfastness Committees in Hebron, Fuad al-Amour, during the invasion into the Tiwani village.

In Jenin, in northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded the al-Yamoun village, west of the city, searched homes, and abducted Ahmad Mohammad Hammad, 16.

The soldiers also assaulted and injured Husam Amin Bazzour, 26, from Raba village southeast of Jenin, after stopping him at the al-Hamra military roadblock and summoned him for interrogation.

The Palestinian was moved to Jenin governmental hospital after suffering various lacerations and bruises to several parts of his body.

Furthermore, the soldiers also abducted Saddam Bassem Ghawadra, 30, from his home in Be’er al-Basha village, south of Jenin.

In addition, the soldiers abducted Zahi Ahmad Abu Ali after storming and ransacking his home in Tubas, in northeastern West Bank.

During the invasion into Tubas, the soldiers fired live rounds at the tires of a parked car, owned by Raed Yousef Dibik.

Also, the soldiers invaded many neighborhoods in the al-Biereh city, in central West Bank, and closed the iron gate at the entrance of ‘Aboud village, northwest of Ramallah.

The soldiers also invaded and searched homes in al-Biereh, before abducting a father and his son, from the al-Baloa’ neighborhood.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted a young woman, from the Negev, while crossing Bab al-Qattanin, one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque.