The Palestinian Detainees Committee has reported that the health conditions of detainees Fuad ‘Aassi and Adeeb Mafarja, in Barzelai hospital, continues to deteriorate following 51 consecutive days of hunger strike protesting their illegal Administrative Detention.

In a press release Tuesday, the Committee said that the Prison Authority was placing obstacles obstructing their lawyers from visiting with them.

It demanded the International Red Cross to increase its visits to the detainees, who started their strike on April 3rd.

It said that the two detainees suffered a dangerous weight loss, and have constant pain in various parts of their bodies, in addition to being unable to move. They are also refusing to take any vitamins.

Despite their bad health conditions, the detainees are shackled and cuffed to their hospital beds, and are under constant guard.

The committee held the Prison Authority, and the occupation, responsible for the lives of all striking detainees, as Israel continues to use of the illegal Administrative Detention policy, holding captive hundreds of detainees without charges.