Israeli forces, early Thursday morning, broke into Deheisheh Refugee Camp, north of Bethlehem, where they raided homes, assaulted residents and arrested a father and his son.

The short mobile phone videos show Israeli soldiers raiding the house, attacking the residents and preventing one family member from documenting the process.

Another video shows no less than 15 soldiers abducting the father, Nidal Abu Aker, and brutally leading him towards the military vehicle. One of the soldiers punches him in the neck and beats him along with the group of soldiers.

Israeli forces proceed to abduct Nidal’s son, Muhammad, in the same manner, taken by a group of soldiers while he was resisting the detention. He is taken barefoot, while his mother and sisters watch from the window, throwing slippers for him to wear.

Both the father and son have been previously detained and imprisoned by Israeli occupation. Nidal Abu Aker spent at least 16 years in the prisons of the occupation, mostly in administrative detention, which was renewed at least 49 times since the age of 14.

According to the PNN, these barbaric incursions and detentions have become an almost daily habit, with Israeli forces breaking into the camp in packs, raiding homes and abducting residents, including children.

Three days ago, Israeli soldiers broke into a home and abducted two young sisters, Aseel Abu Aker (13) and Nisreen Aby Aker (15), from their home in the camp. The girls were taken to interrogation but were released on the same day, at night. Their father has spent 24 years in Israeli jails.