Israeli Intelligence Using Fake Facebook Accounts to Spy on Protesters

October 11, 2015 9:44 AM IMEMC Agencies Israel, Miscellaneous, News Report 0
11 Oct
9:44 AM

A number of Palestinian activists on social media have published anonymous messages with Arabic names, that are asking for ‚Äúnames of protesters,‚ÄĚ especially in Jerusalem, saying that it‚Äôs only ‚Äúto join them in the clashes.‚ÄĚThe messages started flowing on Friday, according to PNN, and there have been several warnings not to reply, accept friend requests, or give out any type of information.

Media sources said that Israeli intelligence have launched these accounts to monitor the protesters.

The accounts have Palestinian flags as their cover photos, with Arabic names, local numbers, and use the Arabic language.

Israel has long used social media, especially Facebook, to monitor activists and indeed arrested a number of people for their ‚Äúanti-Israel‚ÄĚ posts.

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