Israeli Soldiers Continue to Desecrate Islamic Graves in Jerusalem

03 May
6:03 AM

For the fourth consecutive day, Israeli forces continue to attack the centuries-old Bab Al-Rahma Islamic cemetery near Al-Aqsa mosque, by digging up graves of Palestinians.

According to the PNN, WAFA agency reported, on Wednesday, that a numberĀ of Palestinians were injured after being physically attacked by Israeli forces, as the latter continued to desecrateĀ  an ancient Muslim cemetery, just outside Jerusalemā€™s Old City wall.

The soldiers continued to dig up graves and land in the cemetery, and to place metal fences in parts of it, while soldiers assaultedĀ a group of Palestinians who managed to access the cemetery and attempted to prevent the continuing violation of the cemetery.

Israeli authorities intend to build a “National Parkā€ on its lands.

Desecration of not only Islamic holy sites, but Christian as well, by Israelis, occurs on a near routine basis, in occupied Palestine.

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