Lieberman Claims Dozens of Weekly Attacks in Hebron

01 Mar
8:46 AM

Minister of the Israeli occupation army, Avigdor Lieberman, has publicly claimed that the armyā€™s security services foil, on a weekly basis, about 20 to 30 attacks on Israeli forces settlers in Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank.


Lieberman took a tour of settlements in Hebron, Tuesday, with General Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, Commander of the Army Central Command Ronnie Noma and Coordinator of the Government Activities in the Occupied Territories Yoav Mordechai.


During the tour, Israeli media quoted Lieberman as saying, according to Al Ray: ā€œsecurity establishment is working hard, so as to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim quietly.ā€


Lieberman alleged that the army carried, during recent months, large-scale campaigns to fight ā€œterrorismā€ in the occupied West Bank towns and cities, especially in Hebron, claiming that the army thwarted, during the last period, between 20-30 attack in a week.


He added that the vast majority of these alleged ā€œterror attacksā€ have successfully been thwarted by information provided by intelligence services, work coordination among forces, and advanced techniques and technologies.

Originally under suspicion over charges of money-laundering and bribery, Lieberman was formally indicted in December of 2012, on lesser charges of fraud and breach of trust.

His party wasĀ recently the focusĀ of a corruption probe within the Israeli political spectrum, and, more recently, Liebermanā€™s life was threatened with anĀ assassination attempt.

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