Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that Israel is holding talks with the Palestinian Authority on the release of 400 more Palestinian Prisoners, and 21 Jordanian detainees in Israeli prisons.

An Israeli source reported that the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said during a meeting with the Foreign and Security Ministry that he is conducting talks with Jordan on releasing 21 Jordanian detainees held in Israel.

Sharon said that four of the Jordanian detainees participated in attacks against Israeli targets.

On February 2005 Israel released 500 Palestinian detainees in accordance to the Sharm Al-Sheikh understandings; Israeli pledged to release 900 detainees.

Jordan, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority participated at the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit.

Israel also pledged to withdraw from five Palestinian cities in the West Bank in return to halting military attacks against Israeli targets.

It is worth mentioning that the Jordanian FM visited Israel last month and discussed with Israeli officials the release of Jordanian detainees.

Also, Sharon said that the Israeli government has not decided the fate of settlers’ homes in Israeli settlements slated for evacuation, but hinted out that there are no intentions to demolish them.