The general administration of Borders and Crossings at the Palestinian Authority demanded the Israeli side to remove the high-tech X-Ray searching room installed at the crossing.

The administration said that the beams produced by the searching machines are harmful.

Saleem Abu Safeyya, head of the Crossing and Borders department at the P.A said that his administration warned three weeks ago, about the dangers of the new X-Ray room, and threatened to close the crossing. 

“The Israeli side promised us to remove this room, but we are fed up with the Israeli policy, they keep postponing so we threatened to close the crossing if this issue is not solved”, Abu Safeyya said.

The new installed searching machine is a big glass umbrella with thick walls inside it, the umbrella is provided with a cylindrical machine, and soldiers do not get close to the room and operate the beams from a far distance after placing the resident inside it.

When a resident is to be searched, he or she has to stay in the room for 2-3 minutes and leaves the room after the rays pass over his body.

A Palestinian security source said that this machine  enable soldiers to see everything including the bones of the residents.

The radiation might lead to complications including skin diseases, tissue damage, and is considered very harmful for pregnant women and their Embryos.