Prison administration in Gilboa detention barred a youth from visiting his brother as he came along with his father to visit him.

The father, Yousef J’eidi, said that after he and 14 years old his son arrived to the visitation area in the detention, his son wrote a phrase on the wall which included “Al-Aqsa Brigades”.

“The soldiers even noticed it before I did; they forced him out and said that he wrote the name of a terrorist organization”, the father said.

The father tried to convince the soldiers that his son is just a child, and that he didn’t mean anything by this phrase, but soldiers insisted and forced him out.

“I wan not able to talk a lot with my detained son, both of us were worried about his brother, who was punished for writing one sentence”, the father added.

Israeli prison administration repeatedly barred families from visiting their detained sons of daughters without any logical explanations, the only claim they use is that this procedure is done “for security reasons”.