Israeli army intends to disarm Jewish settlers in four West Bank settlements two week prior to evacuating the West Bank settlements, Israeli military officials said Monday.

Settlers, however, said they would not give up their weapons.

Army: “Settlers’ violence feared more in West Bank”

Senior military officials at the Israeli army expect that most violent, radical anti-pullout “battle” is expected in northern West Bank settlement.

The source said that the army has no specific information about the type of violence but “it should take it into account”.

A senior military official said that he predicts “the main battle to take place in Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, but the most violent and extreme battle will take place in the northern Samaria”, according to the military official.

Also, the official added that Israeli must level the buildings in the evacuated settlements “if there is no one in the Palestinian side who can assume responsibility over them”.

Israeli military sources revealed that implementation of disengagement plan in the northern West Bank area will be different than the Gaza Strip; northern West Bank settlements will remain under Israeli security control and will not be handed to the P.A.

The army, on the other hand, will continue to ‘operate’ in northern West Bank area but “will minimize its activities in the evacuated area”, the source said.

The senior military official revealed that he favors issuing detention or restraining orders to curb activities of radical settlers.

“Radical elements might attempt to disrupt the peace, they might attack Palestinian villages, we have no information of specific attacks, but we should take this possibility into account, weapons should be taken away from the would-be evacuees a week or two before pullout”, the official added.