The Israeli army reported on Tuesday evening that the Lebanon based Hezbollah flew a mini drone over the Western Galilee area.

The army stated that the drone flew over 18 settlements in northern Israel, and over the coastal cities of Nahariya and Akko.

The army stated that there are no reports if the drone managed to photograph military basis.

The Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee earlier on Monday, that Hezbollah is trying to inflame the area, especially the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, according to Mofaz.

Israeli military sources admitted that this is the second time in six months the Hezbollah managed to fly a drone over Israel November 2004; the drone exploded before returning to its base.

Meanwhile, a Hezbollah spokesman said that this comes in retaliation for Israeli violations over Lebanese airspace. 

The spokesman added that this drone will be used “each time Israel violates the Lebanese airspace”.

Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, said that his party developed its own drones which “are capable of carrying explosive heads weighing dozens of kilograms”