The Islamic Resistance movement warned Monday that the “calm” period could collapse due to Israeli violations and PA lack of seriousness in implementing internal reforms approved in the factions’ talks in Cairo.

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said in a radio interview on Monday that the calm period is on verge of collapsing, calling concerned parties to immediately move to prevent an expected escalation of the crisis.

Abu Zuhri said that Israel will shoulder full responsibility if the situation deteriorates, saying that Israel continue to violate the Sharm Al-Sheikh truce agreement, and still stand short of fulfilling its truce obligations.

Abu Zuhri made reference to Israel’s failure to release Palestinian prisoners, and to hand the bodies of Palestinian martyrs, in addition to not allowing west bank deportees to Gaza and some European countries to go back to their homes.

Hamas spokesperson also pointed finger at the Palestinian Authority.

“The PA didn’t fulfill promises made to resistance, they shouldn’t expect us to abide to ours” Abu Zuhri said.

“The PA promised to return PA employees, who were fired because they support the Islamic movement, to their posts; so far they didn’t. The PA promised to form a unified national leadership; so far they didn’t. The PA promised to form a national committee to administrate evacuated settlements; so far they didn’t” he added.

Abu Zuhri also pointed to the PA failure to set a date for running Palestinian legislative elections, concluding that the PA is not serious enough about implementing internal reforms.