Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Hussein Al-Sheikh, said that several detainees imprisoned in Maali Adumim detention complained that they were tortured and wiped with wires during interrogation.

Detainee Abdullah Abu Shabbaq, 17, from Abu Dis near Jerusalem, said that he was badly beaten and bruised, and that soldiers clubbed him in his back while pulling his hair.

Lawyer Al-Khateeb said that torture marks and bruises were clearly apparent on the body of Shabbaq.

Detainee Saed Abu Hilal, 21 from Abu Dis, said that soldiers whipped him with an electric wire causing bad bruises in his back and shoulders.

Lawyer Al-Khateeb said that marks of bruises and cuts were clearly notices in his back in addition to fist marks clearly apparent around his eyes.

Also, lawyer Al-Sheikh added that he met with detainee Yousef Mustafa Ejfara, 19, from Surif near Hebron.

Ejfara was injured in his leg before his arrest, and is currently suffering of bleeding, and need immediate medical attention.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society appealed the Red Cross and the International Organizations to interfere and pressure Israel in order to stop the torture policy used against the detainees during interrogation, and release them.