Israeli media sources revealed information about a planned visit by the Israeli police commissioner Moshe Karadi to Jordan on Wednesday morning.

According to the Israeli source, the Jordanians asked that visit, arranged several days ago, to remain under wraps.

Karadi is due to Amman on Wednesday in a visit that will be focused on the latest threats against the Aqsa Mosque by a right-wing Jewish Group Revava.

Karadi and the Jordanian officers will discuss the cooperation between both countries’ police forces.

A senior Israeli police source said Karadi will discuss security issues on Haram Al-Sharif area following the implementation of the unilateral disengagement. Jordan is patron of the Holy Sites in the occupied territories.

In the past weeks, Israeli police was facing a serious situation initiated by these groups. Security was tightened around the entire Old City of Jerusalem on the day that the protesters were due to hold their rally, primarily over fears that Muslim groups would try to hold counter-demonstrations as a preemptive measure to encounter the increasing threats.

Israeli police expressed mounting concerns of repeating the same scenario of last week, prior to the disengagement, slated for implementation in 100 days.

The source also said that Israeli and Jordanian police have been in constant contact in recent years over operations on the Haram Al-Sharif area, adding that Jerusalem police have coordinated with the Jordanian police opening times of the mosque as well as the number of worshippers permitted.