In a leaflet issued today, Izziddin Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the double suicide attack in Be’er Sheva Tuesday Afternoon.

Al-Qassam brigades said this attack is a retaliation for the assassination of both Sheikh Ahmad Yassin the founder and leader of Hamas and Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi, Yassin successor who were killed in February and March of 2004. In addition, the leaflet said, the attack is also in solidarity and support of the striking prisoners in Israeli jails whose Hunger Strike entered its 16th day today.

Latest results of the attack is 15 dead, and over 80 wounded. Most of the wounded have been taken to Soroka hospital for treamtment, many of of shock.

Israeli police said the two blasts are definately caused by suicide bombers.

Israeli border police swept the area for more suspects.

Some media sources said, Israeli authorities closed the southern entrance of Bethlehem area and also sealed Hebron after intelligence information about suspected suicide attacks coming out of one of these two regions.

Israeli sources said one of the bombers is Ahmad Abed Al-Qawasmeh from Hebron.

At least 12 dead in Multiple Explosion in Be’er Sheva


At least 12 people were killed and around 50 others were wounded Tuesday afternoon in two explosions, possibly three, within minutes of each other on two buses, and likely a bus station in the southern Israeli city of Be’er Sheva.

The blasts occurred at around 2:50 P.M. on Rager Boulevard, close to the city’s municipal building.

Israel Radio said that one bus was in flames, while windows were blown out of the second vehicle.

So far no information on what cuased the blasts, or who stands behind them.