Thousands of Palestinians marched in the funeral of Aisheh Al-Zaban who died while on hunger strike in solidarity with the striking Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli Jails.

Al-Zaban is the mother of Ammar Al-Zaban who is serving 26 life terms in Israeli jails, and also the mother of Bashar Zaban killed by the Israeli army in Nablus.

Israeli Prison Authorities are trying to stop the strike that entered its 16th day, in many ways.

Informed sources said Prison authorities transferred three prisoners they called, leaders, to Al-Jalama interrogation center, south east Haifa.

The Prisoners Support Society said, Palestinian Law Maker Hussam Khader, Walid Daqqa and the oldest Lebanese prisoner Samir Kintar have been transferred for the fifth time. The three have spent some time in solitary confinement in Ofik prison few days ago.

The society said these are attempts by the Prison Authorities to force the prisoners to end the hunger strike.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said, 30 striking prisoners are now facing health problems. They suffer stomach problems.

The society said in its report that the prison authorities refuse to check them into the hospital until they break their strike and eat.

Solidarity tents all over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are still hosting many people who spend days there and some of them on hunger strike in solidarity with the prisoners.

Al-Quds newspaper in Arabic published in the Palestinian territories said another seven solidarity strikers are suffering bad health condition in Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip.

A solidarity rally was organized in Al-Biereh near Ramallah on Monday where an aged father of two prisoners, Omar Al-Barghouti, representing hundreds of prisoners’ families called upon the world and the human rights organizations to interfere to place more pressure on Israel to end the suffering of the Palestinian Prisoners.

In Nablus, thousands of residents roamed the streets with candle lights carrying photos of their imprisoned friends, and relatives.

In Jenin, hundreds of residents gathered at the solidarity tent to pray to God to save the prisoners and to end their suffering and to end the Israeli occupation.

Around 300 of Bethlehem residents marched at the military checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem carrying photos of prisoners and spoons and empty plates calling Israel to respect the rights of the prisoners and to end their suffering.

In Tulkarem, hundreds of residents visited the solidarity tent, setup in the center of the city. A group of International Peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) visited the tent in solidarity with the families and the prisoners.

‘We came here to express our solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who are suffering bad conditions there. We will send their message to our community to let them know the reality of the situation in Palestine’ said Mikael a British peace activist.

The ISM has announced that its activists will join the hunger strike in different parts of the West Bank and will also work to organize a hunger strike in coordination with its support groups all over the world.

In Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, hundreds of Palestinians marched through the town led by Archimandrite Attallah Hanna of the Orthodox Church and Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tameemi of Jerusalem to support the prisoners in their strike.

Unlike previous ones, this hunger strike created huge uproar in the Palestinian street, specially after the statements made by the Israeli Minister of Public security Tzahi Hangebi who said, ‘the can starve for one day, for a month, or to death, we will not respond to their demands.’