Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon criticized Tuesday the defense establishment plan of action against launching Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel as insufficient, calling army to shell Palestinian areas.

‘If they are shelling us, we should shell them,’ Sharon burst out at during the cabinet discussion on Tuesday.

But Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz warned Sharon saying: ‘That would be a war crime, on the part of both the state and you personally,’

Sharon then went back to the traditional complain about the world’s silence when Jews are killed.

‘It’s only when Jews are killed that it’s not a crime, and the whole world is silent? Killing Jews is permissible?’

‘I’m not saying we shouldn’t respond, but deliberately firing on civilians is a war crime,’ Mazuz responded.

The cabinet approved the army’s plan, which includes action against rocket launchers, their dispatchers, and on workshops where the rockets are made. The plans also include seizing control of certain parts of the Gaza Strip and applying pressure on other areas.

Israeli Interior Minister Avraham Poraz called for exercising self restrain prior to the disengagement from Gaza, but demanded a strong policy of deterrence after the pullout.