Khaleel Al-Tafakjy, a Palestinian expert in estates, said that the World Bank estimated settlers’ estates in Gaza Strip settlements by 500 million US Dollars.

This estimation was made after evaluating 1300 housing units in 365 Sq/km, horizontally constructed, the only way the Palestinians can add more units in these settlements is vertically in order to be able the largest numbers of Palestinian families.

Al-Tafakjy added that buying these settlements from Israel is considered illegal, since these settlements were constructed on lands confiscated from its Palestinian owners.

Israeli Labor Party chairman, Shimon Peres, said that settlement construction costs in the West Bank are estimated by 60M Dollars,

 “if Arab investors buy these lands, then the lands and what’s built there returns to the Palestinians, but if the Palestinians buy the settlements, they will give a legal attribute to these settlements”. 

Meanwhile, Al-Tafakjy stated that the Separation Wall actually started on 1995 near Habla, in Qalqilia area, and Shweika near Tulkarem.

“Israel decided to erect the Wall after the Taba and Camp David agreements, in order to achieve five main goals; annex settlements and water resources, grab more Palestinian lands, achieve full security control over the Palestinian cities, and protecting Lod airport”, Al-Tafakjy said.

As for Jerusalem area, the Wall aims to ‘get rid of the Palestinian residents’, establish the ‘Greater Jerusalem’ project and place Jerusalem as the center point of the state of Israel after separating north of the West Bank from the south, Al-Tafakjy added.