Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas media spokesperson, warned that the truce is about to collapse as a result of the Israeli rejection to respond to the Palestinian demands, especially concerning the detainees.

Abu Zuhri, commenting on the detainees’ decision to conduct hunger strike, said that the truce depend on fulfilling several Palestinian legitimate demands headed by releasing the detainees.

“Over the last period, Israel kept delaying the release of the detainees, it does not intend to release them, or at least schedule their release”, Abu Zuhri stated.

Also, Abu Zuhri added that Hamas will support the detainees until achieving freedom, and added that “truce cannot survive if the occupation rejects to release the detainees”.

Abu Zuhri said that “the Israeli residents of Sderot can’t enjoy peace and security as long as the detainees aren’t enjoying their freedom among their families”.

“The truce is about to collapse, as a result of the Israeli positions, and rejection to release the detainees”, Abu Zuhri added.


Abu Zuhri also said that if the current situation continuous and Israel resumes its operations and arrests, the situation in the area will return escalate. 

“Hamas conducted talks with the P.A and Egyptian officials, and informed them of the situation which will eventually lead to the collapse of this truce, the movement will continue its public activities in solidarity with the detainees in their new Battle”, Abu Zuhri added.