Israeli Prime Minister Advisor Dov Weissglas is scheduled Sunday to meet Palestinian Authority official Saeb Erikat, marking a resumption of security talks. Two months ago, at the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit, both side agreed to resume security coordination, but Israel halted the process a short while later.

Weissglas and Erikat head the joint committee set to workout the technical details of handing over West Bank cities to the Palestinian Authority, the release of Palestinian political prisoners and a solution to the ‘wanted’ Palestinians issue.

Israel’s agreement to resume negotiations with the PA is apparently a result of American demands presented to Sharon in his last week meeting with U.S. President George Bush.

Bush has asked Sharon to resume coordination with the PA, work to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and coordinate the disengagement plan with the Palestinian Authority.

Bush is expected to ask Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in their meeting scheduled early next month, to agree to coordinate the disengagement with the government of Israel.  

Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayad is in Washington for a briefing following Sharon’s visit.

On Tuesday, U.S. envoys, Elliott Abrams and David Welch, will be arriving in the region to assess Abbas’ political status and find ways to shore up his regime.

The envoys will meet separately with Abbas and Sharon, and according to white house sources, would ask Sharon for a list of practical steps Israel can take to help strengthen Abbas.