A meeting was conducted between the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ahmad Qurei, and the former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), Sunday evening in Ramallah, in order to resolve some issues which were behind Abbas’s resignation September 2003.

A P.A source said that the two sides are weighing possible strategies in order to incorporate Abu Mazen in, who is still holding his position in the Executive Committee of the P.L.O, in the Political work.

Abu Mazen at the end of the meeting refused to comment on the details of the meeting, while Abbas “Abu Ala’” said that Abu Mazen is big Palestinian leader who have the right to visit all of the P.A institutions.

Meanwhile, Sakher Habash, member of the Executive Committee in the Fattah, said that Abu Mazen is expected to participate in the Executive Committee meeting for the first time since more than a year, which was observed by several officials as an important political development in the P.A.

Yet, it is still unclear if this meeting will pave the road for reconciliation between Head of the P.A Yasser Arafat and Abu Mazen.

Meanwhile, P.A leadership headed by Yasser Arafat met Sunday and discussed procedures to be conducted in order to conduct the needed reforms especially in the Security devices.

Arafat, on the other hand, held a meeting with the Higher National Security Council in order to discuss the security situation in the Palestinian territories and the needed steps in order to unify the security devices ahead of the expected visit of Omar Suleiman, Head of the Egyptian Intelligence to the P.A.

Egypt gave the P.A a three months period, which is nearly over, in order to unify its security devices into three central devices.

Later Sunday, Arafat also held another meeting with the Members of the Central Committee in Fattah, and discussed the same issues.

A P.A source said that Arafat received a message from Egypt through Jebril Rojoub, stating that the procedures taken so far are still insufficient and does not meet with the Egyptian demands in order to improve the situation prior implementing the disengagement plan.

Nabil Abu Rodeina, Arafat’s advisor, commenting on reports published last week, stating that the US administration agreed on the so called “natural growth of settlements”, said that this is a step “which harms the peace process and conflicts with the fundamental principles of the “Road Map Plan”.

Abu Rodeina urged the While House to clarify its position, which “encourages war against the Palestinians”, according to Rodeina.