A Palestinian security source in Gaza reported that the Israeli army held Ameen Al-Hindy, the retired head of Palestinian Intelligence, at the Rafah Border Crossing.

Al-Hindy, who was retired several days ago, was on his way back after conducting a visit to the United States.

Al-Hindy is still held, yet it is not clear if the army is interrogating him or placing him under arrest.

The P.A warned that the Israeli violations and repeated invasions are obstructing its efforts to control the situation in the Palestinian territories, and obstruct it pledged reformed.

As part of the reform in the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas named Rashid Abu Shbak chief of the Preventive security service, which is in charge of controlling the resistance groups, a P.A source said.

Abbas also appointed two deputies to Abu Shbak. While Ziyad Habalreh will be in charge of the Preventive Security Service in the West Bank, Suleiman Abu Mutlaq will head the Gaza branch.

On Saturday, Abbas completed a key element of reforms by consolidating the nine branches of his security service into three. He also forced around 1150 officers to retire, including two of the leading security figures.

April 6, Abbas decided that 1,000 Palestinian security officials were forced into retirement; this step comes in accordance to his security reforms’ plan.

The retirements pave the way for a new generation of security leaders to take part in developing the P.A security establishment, which remained without any changes over the last decade.