U.S. Ambassador Dan Kirtzer and Israeli defense Ministry Advisor Baroch Shbeigle agreed Monday that the evacuation of settlers’ unauthorized outposts will be directly supervised by American officials.

The Israeli High court is still looking into two petitions against the evacuation of two outposts in the northern West Bank.

An official Israeli source said Monday that the government is still waiting the Court green light to start the dismantling of the 23 outposts slated for removal.

Peace Now movement spokesperson said Monday that according to the movement field research, the government should evacuate 51 unauthorized outposts, not 23 only.

The U.S. administration advised Israel to postpone the September visit of the Prime Minister Bureau Chief Dov Wasiglav to Washington, because there was nothing new to report.

The United States expressed frustration over the Israeli government lack of action regarding obligations signed and promises made, including the evacuation of unauthorized outposts, freezing construction in settlements, the re-routing of the separation wall, and easing the living conditions for Palestinians.