Histadrut chief labor MK Amir Peretz on Tuesday officially announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Labor Party. The primary vote is expected to take place June 28.

At a Tel Aviv press conference, setting under a huge banner saying ‘Amir Peretz: Labor will win’,  Peretz said that he believes that social issues will be at the center of the next general election campaign, which he predicted would take place on May 2006.

Peretz also called Labor to quite the cabinet immediately after the implementation of the disengagement plan. 

“Labor should not stay in a coalition that works against ‘the traditional values of the Labor Party.’’ Peretz said.

‘The Likud has betrayed and humiliated the public,’ he said.

‘I have met the public, met the people and the people want a different country. The Labor cannot compete over who will be the Likud’s spare tire.’ He added.

The Labor Central Committee will meet Tuesday to discuss issues relating to the election of the party secretary general.