An extremist settlers group of the Ramat Yeshai illegal outpost in Hebron attacked a group of residents in Tal Rmeida neighborhood, and hurled stones and empty bottles at dozens of homes.

Mohammad Hamed Abu Aisha, a resident of Tal Rmeida, said that settlers attacked his home and hurled empty bottles and stones at it.

Abu Aisha added that his brother Taiseer was mildly injured in his hand.

Soldiers present in the area conducted no efforts to disperse the settlers, who also chanted slogans against the Arabs.

Also on Tuesday, soldiers intensified the closure imposed over the old city of Hebron and near the Ibrahimi Mosque area barring the residents from entering or leaving their areas. 

Dozens of residents, including school children, were held and interrogated at the electronic gates erected near the Ibrahimi mosque, no arrests.