Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas said that Palestinian Authority will not tolerate any violations to the cease fire. He added that the Palestinian Authority will act persistently against any group, which violates the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere in Palestine.

Monday evening, Palestinian security men, arrested two Hamas members after attempting to fire homemade shells at Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip. The two-armed Hamas members fired at the P.A security while attempting to stop them from firing shells at Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesperson, said that arresting or harming resistance fighters of Hamas, or any other movement, threatens to collapse peace efforts in the area.

Meanwhile Palestinian Authority bulldozers on Monday demolished three unfinished seaside homes of three senior PA officers as part of the new anti-corruption campaign. The three officers had started building homes at seaside in the northern Gaza City on illegally seized public land.

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