A report conducted and published by the International Solidarity Institution for Human Rights revealed that Israeli soldiers killed seven Palestinian, including three children in April and arrested more than 200 Palestinians on military checkpoints, crossings or from their homes.

Three Palestinian children were killed in Rafah, one resident from al-Nusseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip died of wounds sustained three months ago, one member of the al-Aqsa brigades was assassinated in Balata refugee camp in Nablus, one resident was killed in Hebron, and one woman suffering of a heart disease died after being forced into the x-ray search room in the Rafah border crossing.  

Six Palestinian were killed during internal conflicts between families, two others died of misuse of their personal weapons.

Six Palestinian children were injured after explosives left by the army detonated near them; five are from one family in Bethlehem, and one from Hebron, one man was injured in Nablus when an explosive fired by the army detonated sometime after impact. 

Also, Israeli soldiers arrested more than 200 Palestinians on military checkpoints, border crossings and during military searches of homes.

38 Palestinians were arrested in Hebron, 34 in Nablus, 49 in the Gaza Strip, and the rest were arrested in several West Bank areas.

The army leveled 6 homes in April, two residential buildings each composed of two floors, and one four-floors building was leveled in Jerusalem; the army also intends to level two more homes in Jerusalem after claiming that they were constructed without obtaining the needed permit from Jerusalem municipality.

Most military checkpoints remained closed, soldiers are still invading various Palestinian areas and firing at the residents and their homes, dozens were injured while at home or near their homes during the military invasions.

Thousands of Dunams of farmlands were annexed in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Qalqilia, and Hebron; the annexations were carried out in order to erect the Separation Wall in these areas.