Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday will hold a national referendum on any final status agreement with Israel. He also criticized Israel for applying pressure on him to confront resistance groups, WAFA report.

Abbas assured a group of businesspeople, academics and public officials that he will not accept less than 1967 borders, saying settlement blocks are also removable.

‘We would not accept anything less than 1967 borders, and should not be disheartened when we see huge settlements like Maaleh Adumim and Ariel and think that these settlements won’t be removed,’ Abbas said.


‘A settlement in Sinai was removed in Egypt after Camp David, and it is possible now,’ he added.

Abbas also said that no Palestinian blood will be shed in conducting reforms and securing law and order.

‘Israelis want Palestinian blood to be spilled and we don’t accept that. This is a red line. We run our security in our own way, for our people’s protection. We work day and night, there are obstacles, and progress is slow.’ Abbas said.

Abbas affirmed that ‘the Palestinian Authority is acting to prevent chaos and a proliferation of guns on the streets and in public places.’