Wednesday at night, a Palestinian medical source in Ramallah reported that Israeli soldiers shot and killed two children near the village of Beit Liqya, west of the northern West Bank city of Ramallah. 

The source stated that Adi al-Assi, 15, and Jamal al-Assi, 17, died of their wounds sustained in their hearts and faces.

The Two children were playing at a playground near the Separation wall.

A local source in Beit Liqya said that the soldiers opened fire at the two children without any reason, especially the area was totally calm at the time of the shooting.

The Palestinian Ministry of Interior and the P.A security condemned that shooting and considered it a serious escalation in the area which ‘reveals hidden intentions of the Israeli army to resume their assaults against the Palestinian people”

Tawfeeq Abu Khousa, the spokesperson of the ministry of information accused the Israeli government of breaching the understandings arrived at the Sharm al-Sheikh summit.

Abu Khousa appealed that Quartet and the international community to pressure Israel in order to stop its attacks and violations in the Palestinian areas, and held Israel responsible of any deterioration of the situation in the area.