There is no doubt that Israeli cabinet approval of turning Ariel settlement’ College into a university will be a springboard for the development of nearby unauthorized settlers’ outposts, which Israel promised the United States to remove.

On Ariel College’s Web site, one could already see advertisements for available students’ accommodations in a list of nearby outposts. 

‘Come and settle in Samaria,’ reads the message on the link offered through the college website.

‘If you are young and full of ambition and want to live in a religious community facing a breath-taking view, in a young place with a big future – don’t miss out!’ the add reads. 

‘We help students find apartments, and I don’t deal with the question of where the apartment is located. It is my role to care for our students’ well-being, and it’s their personal choice whether they want to live in Jerusalem or Nofei Nehemia.’ Dan Meyerstein, the president of Ariel College, told the Jerusalem post.

Several dozen left-wing students, academics and activists demonstrated Wednesday morning at Ariel college entrance, saying it was built on ‘occupied land.’