A public pull released by the Israeli newspaper Maariv revealed that support of disengagement among the Israelis has sharply dropped to 54% after it arrived to 61% over the last few weeks.

The pull showed that the percentage of Israelis who appose disengagement did not sharply increase; only showing 2% increase, arriving to 33%.

Most of the Israelis who stopped supporting the plan aren’t now apposing it, but joined the ‘hesitators’ camp rising their percentage from 7% to 11%.

Also, the pull did not show any decline of the popularity of Ariel Sharon, but in contrary it showed a 2% increase of his popularity arriving to 52%. 

In spite of this popularity, 53% believe that Sharon, 77 years old, and Peres, 82, should leave office after disengagement and make space for the younger generation to take the lead.

20% said that Sharon and Peres should remain, 16% said that Peres should quit his political life, 4% said that Sharon should quit his political life.

69% said that Sharon and Peres should not compete in the Israeli elections, 57% said that Sharon should not run for the elections again.

On the ground, Sharon is still enjoying a wider public support than his biggest competitor in the Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Peres is also enjoying a wider public support over Ihud Barak, and Labor member of Knesset Matan Vilnai.

On the security level, 74% of the Israelis said that they feel safe when they leave their homes, and do not believe the bombing will occur.

It is worth mentioning that the a pull conducted  after the Tel Aviv bombing, three weeks ago, revealed that 55% of the Israelis feel safe when they leave home.