Monday before noon, dozens of residents were injured in the old city of Jerusalem, one seriously, after the army attacked hundreds of residents who gathered in the area.

A local source in Jerusalem reported that the residents were injured when a special military unit of the Israeli army attacked a group of residents, near one of the Gates of al-Aqsa mosque.

The WAFA news agency reported that soldiers fired gas bombs, and concussion grenades at the residents, and severely clubbed and punched a number of youth. 

Palestinians, Israeli police clash in Jerusalem

Monday morning dozens of Israeli policemen and Special Forces of the Israeli army clashed with dozens of Palestinians who gathered around al-Aqsa mosque, after the extremist Revava group repeated its threats to attack the mosque. 

Dozens of residents were injured after the army and police fired concussion grenades, and clubbed dozens of youth.

The Qatar based al-Jazeera TV reported that a number of residents had to jump off a high wall after the army attacked them and fired gas bombs.

An Israeli military source claimed that dozens of youth hurled stones at the army and police in Sultan Suleiman Street, east of Jerusalem; according to the source seven Israeli policemen where mildly injured.

The Israeli army and police imposed a strict closure over Jerusalem since early morning hours, and barred thousands of residents from reaching the mosque in order to participate in a protest against the repeated threats of Jewish extremist groups against the mosque, and the attempts of the Revava group to attack it.

Hundreds of Israeli policemen and soldiers were deployed around the mosque area.

The extremist Revava group and other extremist groups called for attacking the mosque on Monday.

Al-Aqsa institute brought dozens of buses to transport Muslim worshipers to the mosque, in order to pray and gather in the mosque to protect it from any attack. 

Also, the Israeli police announced that it will not allow residents under the age of 45 to enter the mosque.

On Sunday, the Israeli police installed cameras on some entrances of the mosque; an Israeli police source stated that cameras will be installed on every entrance. 

Head of the Islamic Waqf, Sheikh Abdul-Atheem Salhab, and Sheikh Mohammad Hussein head of al-Aqsa mosque, and a number of mosque clerks rushed to the mosque after learning that the soldiers are installing cameras in it.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine,  Al-Aqsa mosque officials and the Islamic Waqf condemned the military procedures and called on the residents to be present at the mosque to protect it from the attacks of extremist groups, and ‘bar the army from installing their spy cameras inside the mosque’.

Also al-Aqsa institute said that installing these camera is part of the siege on the mosque, which aims to monitor the people who are protecting the mosque, the real danger is these extremist groups which clearly stated that it want to level the mosque and build a synagogue”, al-Aqsa institute reported.