The Ministry of Detainees and Liberated reported that the number of Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli prisons arrived to 8814, facing harsh living conditions and repeated violations.

The ministry stated that the Israeli army did not halt its arrests in the Palestinian territories in spite of the ‘truce’ reached between the P.A and Israel.

The detainees are held in 28 prisons and detention centers, distributed as follows;

– The Negev detention which includes 2250 detainees, including 1000 detainees held under administrative detention orders.

– Nafha detention, 741 detainees.

– Asqalan detention, 489.

– Bir Shiva, 956.

– Hasharon for females, 121.

– Telmond, 85.

– Al-Damoun, 225.

-  Nitzan, 152.

– Moraj, 16.

– Hadarim 407.

– Hasharon detention for youth, 150.

– Kfar Youna, 10 administrative detainees in solitary.

– Ayalon, 8, in solitary.

– Shatta and Gilboa, 846.

– Majeddo, 1000 detainees.

– Ofer, 900 detainees.

– Benjamin, 84 detainees.

– Beit El interrogation center, 87.

– Al-Maskobiyya solitary cells, 40.

– Eretz Crossing detention facility, 20.

– Qadumim, 20.

– Al-Jalama detention, 20.

– Kfar Atzion, 20.

– Atleet detention, 20.

– Petah Tikva, 20.

– Interrogation cells in Asqalan, 40.

– Huwwara detention, 20.

– Salem detention, 20.

– Al-Majnouna detention, 20.

Also, the ministry of detainees said that prison administrations are still carrying violations against the detainees, barring some of them from their visitation rights, and not providing them with the needed medical care and attention, in addition to imposing high fines on dozens of detainees. 


The ministry added that there are 1000 detainees are suffering from bad health conditions, some of them need surgeries.

Moreover, the ministry held the Israeli authorities responsible of any deaths among the sick detainees as a result of medical neglect, especially after detainee Abdul-Fattah Raddad died recently in al-Ramleh detention Hospital, only three days after he was arrested.  

Raddad was arrested after the army shot him, causing serious injuries.