Imad Hamdan, head of ‘ Hebron Construction Committee’, said Monday afternoon, that soldiers bulldozed several ancient homes and Antique buildings in Hebron , south of the West Bank in order to erect a road which links the Ibrahimi Mosque with “Keryat Arba’ settlement east of Hebron .

Hamdan added that several military bulldozers leveled at least ten ancient homes and several historical sights in a small road in an alley in Hebron in order to use it as a street for settlers in the area.

“What happened in Hebron is a total destruction to the human and cultural heritage in Hebron, it is a crime in the full sense of the world”, Hamdan said.

Residents in Al-Ja’bary neighborhood in Hebron said that army bulldozed several areas in Wad Al-Nassara neighborhood, Al-Salymeh, Al-Ja’bary and Al-Rajaby areas in the city and other neighborhoods east of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque.

Areef Al-Ja’bary, Governor of Hebron, described the demolishing and bulldozing of the ancient buildings as a “dangerous violation which aims to impose new realities on the ground and wipe the Palestinian and Arab History from the city, and a step which is part of a colonist plan to force the residents of Hebron out of their city”.

Al-Ja’bary told WAFA news Agency that “the destruction of the History of Hebron requires public and formal efforts in order to stand firm against these violations against the heritage of the city”.

Al-Ja’bary added that Israel did not respect the decision of the International court of Justice, and defied the International Community, yet army denied al petitions submitted in order to stop this disaster.