Israeli news site Haaretz reported that Hamas denied reports which claim that it struck a deal with Egypt on unity after an Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip.

Egypt, Hamas Agree on Palestinian Unity Terms After pullout


According to Egyptian Media Source, Egypt-Hamas reached an agreement on preserving Palestinian unity in the aftermath of the intended Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Al-Ahram daily newspaper said the agreement aimed at ‘supporting Palestinian national unity and the arrangements related to guaranteeing the integrity of the Palestinian house in the period after the Israeli withdrawal.’

Encouraged by the agreement reached with Hamas, Egypt would continue with efforts to reach similar agreements with the Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian factions, Al-Ahram added.

Hamas leaders arrived last week to Cairo to discuss Egypt’s offer of a security role in Gaza in the event of an Israeli withdrawal.

Under the proposed disengagement plan, Israel plans to withdraw troops and settlers from the Gaza strip, as well as four West Bank small and isolated settlements.

Al-Ahram also reported that Egypt had asked the PA to nominate 45 officers to send for training in Cairo.

Egypt, which offered earlier to send 200 security advisors to the Gaza Strip, is currently weighing whether to train PA security in Gaza or inside Egypt.

Al-Ahram also reported that an agreement in principle was reached between Egypt and Israel to allow Egypt to deploy border police units on the borders with Gaza without the need to modify the 1979 peace treaty.