The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, said that it will retaliate to any Israeli invasions or attacks against Palestinian activists in the Gaza Strip.

Mosheer al-Masry, Hamas’ media spokesperson said that the movement is committed to a truce which serves the interests of the Palestinian people, but it will not stand still if Israel carries any attacks.

Al-Masry was commenting on reports saying that Hamas called its fighters to be ready to counter any possible Israeli invasion, and that the movement is improving its capabilities, and the fighting abilities of its fighters.

The source added that Israel is not fully committed to the truce, and continued its attacks and arrested, which indicates that the truce will not last.

Tawfik Abu Khousa, media spokesperson of the P.A ministry of interior, and the National security, said that the latest Israeli statements concerning possible invasions, negatively affects stability and security in the area.


Abu Khousa added that the P.A warned Israel that’s its actions are weakening the Palestinian efforts to achieve stability, which also threatens the Palestinian internal agreements arrived during the Cairo talks.

Meanwhile, Palestinian security sources said that minister of interior and national security Nasser Yousef headed to Cairo on Wednesday to hold talks with the head of the Egyptian intelligence Omar Suleiman and a number of Egyptian officials.

The P.A is worried that the Israeli rejection to coordinate Gaza withdrawal, and the continuous military violations, might lead to further deterioration of the situation.