Palestinians and anti-separation wall peace activists burst Monday through a gate that separates the village of Zawiah, north of the West Bank city of Tul-Karm, from its agricultural lands.

Palestinian civil groups together with international and Israeli peace activists started July 25, a three week “freedom march” along the route of the West Bank Separation wall from Jenin to Jerusalem.

The freedom march came as part of the “freedom summer campaign”, which was called by the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian led International peace group working to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories through peaceful non-violent means.

A spokesperson of the Israeli group “Anarchists against the Fence”, who took part in the action, said that this was the first time demonstrators have managed to break through the barrier.

Activists and residents of the village managed to crackdown the gate before the first army patrol jeep arrived to the scene.

‘Nothing will dissuade us from breaking this fence,’ Yonatan Pollack, of Anarchists against the Fence, said.