The General Workers Union in Palestine condemned the arrest of 600 Palestinian workers in Israel, after the army claimed that the illegally entered the country.

The Union reported that these arrests came after Israel allowed Palestinian workers from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip into Israel after 25 days of full closure which was imposed over the Palestinian territories.

The Union added that the recent arrest of 600 workers contradicts with the Israeli claims of easing restrictions imposed over the Palestinian areas.

“Israel is trying to win the support of the International Community through publicity while on the ground the army is still closing the Palestinian areas, arrests the residents and bars them from reaching their destinations, Israel is violating its commitments declared in the Sharm al-Sheikh summit in Egypt”, the Union reported. 

Israel only allowed 3000 Palestinian workers to enter, while it declared that it will allow 9000 workers through.

Also, Israel only allowed 460 out of 600 workers from the Gaza Strip, and did not renew the electronic magnitic entry cards for the workers; merchants and urgent cases were also denied entry. 

The Union expressed deep concern over the Israeli procedures, the arrests and daily humiliation on checkpoints and crossings, and appealed the international community to interfere and support the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people.