The Jailed legislator and Fatah leader, Marwan Barghouthi, said in a letter written behind bars in Hadarim Israeli prison that Fateh movement needs to organize its work and be actively present among the people suffering from daily invasions and military attacks.

Barghouthi added that the second stage of municipal elections showed very hard competition between the movement and Hamas, and that Hamas managed to win in major Palestinian cities such as Rafah and Qalqilia.

“The situation in Fateh is not very bad, the movement needs organization, it needs to be actively present among the residents and taking care of their daily issues”, Barghouthi stated.

Barghouthi said that the victory of Hamas is measured by the failure of Fateh, and that the movement should benefit from this experience, in order to improve its position in the upcoming stages of elections.

Also, Barghouthi added that the movement should work in order to end the economical crises among the residents, and fight corrupted leaders who are using its resources.

“The movement should approve the changes, and reforms, the upcoming Fateh council in August will be very crucial for the future of Fateh”, Barghouthi added.