The Palestinian Council for Justice and Peace released its monthly report which revealed that Israeli army killed 81 Palestinian including 19 children, and 25 assassinations during the month of July.

According to the report, 686 residents were wounded, including 193 children, 586 Palestinians arrested, 452 homes sustained damages in addition to 115 industrial institution.

Moreover, army bulldozed 3612 Dunums (900 acres), uprooted 8986 trees and plants, and confiscated 115 Dunums (28 acres) for the construction of the Separation wall.

The monthly report of the center sets the number of Palestinian killed since the beginning of the Intifada in September, 28th, 2000 until July, 31, 2004, at 3088, including 780 children and 415 women.

Among the dead, 432 school, university students or teachers; 314 PA security and Police personnel; 116 were killed at military checkpoints; 448 were assassinated; 44 were killed by settlers.

Number of Palestinians wounded is 55138, including 6280 cases of permanent disabilities including 3010 children, 16.000 who received treatment at the field of injury, 15406 children, and 2540 women.

Total number of trees uprooted is 862731, while 45752 homes damaged including 4250 homes which were completely demolished.

Number of detainees since the beginning of the Intifada reached 29675 detainees, 7300 detainees is still in detention.

Moreover, 28 medics were killed, and 462 cases of assaults against medical teams were reported, 40 ambulances destroyed, 59 women gave birth on checkpoints, 31 infants and 115 sick persons died after banning ambulances and cars from crossing the checkpoints.