Palestinian Security source said Walid Hamdia has been declared clinically dead in a blast in a Palestinian Authority prison in Gaza Monday morning.

The source said a blast, probably caused by two hand grenades at the room in which informers are in, injured ten, three of which suffered serious injuries.

Information on the doers is still in available.

The informers file is one of the problematic issues facing the PA.

Executing some informers was widely and highly criticized, especially by the European Union. The EU threatened to stop funding the PA if this continues.

On the other hand, the Palestinian resistance groups have been demanding the execution of the informers since they helped the Israeli security to arrest and assassinate several resistance leaders and operatives.

According to the source, Hamdia is an informer for the Israeli security service (the Shabak) arrested by the Palestinian Authority a while ago, on charges of informing on Hamas operatives.