Saturday afternoon, freed Palestinian detainees protested in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, demanding that the Palestinian Authority employ them.

Hamdi al-Najjar, spokesperson of the National Coalition of Liberated Detainees in Khan Younis, reported that the protest is part of a series of protests the freed detainees plan to conduct if the P.A [does not]heed their demands and improve their conditions.

“The freed detainees demand that the P.A provide them with jobs [to offset]their difficult economic situation, as they have the right to live in dignity and provide their families with decent living”, al-Najjar added.

Meanwhile, Khan Younis Governor Hosny Zo’rob met in his office with representatives of the Coalition and promised to write to President Abbas and Prime Minister Qorei urging them to find a suitable solution.

The governor also met with a number of medics working with the Red Crescent Society, who were also protesting and demandeding better working conditions and salary increases.

The medics said that their job involves huge risks, especially during Israel incursions and the repeated incidents of firing carried out by the army against their ambulances and teams.

There are 150 medics working with the Red Crescent in the Gaza Strip.