Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef presented Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz with a plan for deploying PA security forces in the Gaza Strip during and after the implementation of the disengagement plan.

The two ministers met in Tel Aviv on Monday evening. Israeli media sources said that Mofaz told Yousif that the presented plan was “superficial and unsatisfactory”, demanding detailed maps on proposed PA troops’ deployment, including numbers.

Israeli security sources Security sources said that Yousef also presented Mofaz with measures the PA plans to take to prevent attacks during the pullout from Gaza.

The same source said that Mofaz requested that the PA starts the deployment of security officers in areas adjacent to settlements now, and explains how the PA would act to prevent the launching of mortar shells at Israeli targets after the disengagement.

The two agreed on the establishment of two Israeli-Palestinian coordination committees ahead of the pullout.

Mofaz warned that if coordination fails, Israeli troops may enter PA areas to ensure an evacuation free of casualties.

"We will not agree that the pullout be conducted under Palestinian fire," Mofaz said.

Yousif to meet Mofaz on disengagement coordination

Palestinian interior minister Defense Minister Nasser Yousef will meet Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz on Monday evening to discuss ways to preserve the calm period, issues that impedes the transfer of more West bank cities to PA security control, including the collection of arms, and coordinating the disengagement plan.

So far Israel has refused to engage in talks with PA officials over coordinating the disengagement plan.

Yousif has earned in the past two days the agreement of Palestinian resistance groups, including Hamas, on ending the latest escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip.

The latest escalation was triggered by an Israeli air strike on the Gaza city of Kan Younis, which took the life of a Hamas operative and wounded 4 city’ residents. Palestinian resistance responded with mortar fire targeting Israeli settlements and army posts.

The escalation threatened the collapse of the fragile unofficial truce reached between Palestinian factions after the Sharm’s summit between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon. 

Israel so far refused to be a partner to the truce.